Not all blondes are dumb... Marilyn wasn't...

And I married another smart one!

For every word unspoken when
'the time just wasn't right'.
A moment missed will slide away
and vanish out of sight.

For every moment lived in full,
no matter where or when.
We give ourselves a moment
worth reliving now and then.


Be the one who doesn't

hold back that big Y-A-W-N

Be open that you're bored of rules.


Some rules are smart...

But there's too many stupid ones...

So we need to ignore those.


If we all looked at life this way

Wouldn't we all be so much better off?

A graphy thing

Happiness measured against rules broken?

A speech bubbly thing

Things smart and clever people have said?

The science of it all

It's about your chemistry?

Who needs Red Bull?

Give yourself wings if you want?

This folder is empty

Maybe it used to hold all the dumb rules?

Too many dreams locked away.

Time to set them free?

Everything will be alright in the end...

And if it's not yet alright - it's not yet the end...
And if it's not yet the end, you really should try
Volkan's Adventures in Dalyan